Conclusions On Sinn Watch at Baselworld 2016

Conclusions On Sinn Watch at Baselworld 2016

We say this every year, but it bears repeating; Sinn is one of our favorite brands. The German company makes great looking, high quality watches that are equipped with loads of innovation and, yet, they manage to price their timepieces on the right side of rational. We always have a great experience meeting with them at the big show, so we were very much looking forward to sitting down with Sinn at Baselworld 2016.

First off, Sinn at Baselworld 2016 represented a slight departure. The brand went with a smaller booth this year, as they’re clearly hard at work building a new headquarters in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.  Plus, they’ve been busy over the last year with new model additions and a new boutique opening in Frankfurt that we covered.  Additionally, the focus on the future was seen in the number of novelties because it all felt a little less in number versus 2015. However, smaller in number doesn’t mean less interesting because Sinn brought one of our favorites of the show. Let’s take a brief look (all prices are for the German market only).

Conclusions On Sinn Watch at Baselworld 2016
Sinn 910 Anniversary

I’ll cut to the chase, when visiting Sinn at Baselworld 2016, this was THE watch that really blew me away. The new 910 Anniversary is a split seconds chronograph (rattrapante) with column wheel movement based on the venerable Valjoux 7750. It’s a wearable 41.5mm in diameter and features a display case back and 100m of water resistance. Just 300 pieces of the 910 will be made and the price in Germany will be 5500 – Euros and includes both a leather strap and steel bracelet.

An applied Sinn logo also classes up the watch and allows it strike a fine balance between sporty and dressy: something Sinn does so well with its financial series of watches. No, it’s not inexpensive, but considering the level of finishing and the fact that a split seconds chronograph at 5500 Euros new is all but impossible to find, it’s actually reasonable. Oh, and if you’re griping, it probably doesn’t make a difference as I’d bet they’re nearly sold out…

Sinn 556 Anniversary

Value for money is a real sweet spot for Sinn and for their 55th anniversary; they brought a piece that displays this notion quite well. The 556 Anniversary was shown to us by Sinn at Baselworld 2016 as a tribute to their fans and will be made in a limited edition of 1,000 pieces. It’s essentially a 556, which is an attractive and simple 3-handed watch. In this case, it features an anthracite dial and a simple “1961-2016” above 6:00.

For 1,000 Euros on a leather strap, you’re treated to a piece that’s 38.5mm in diameter, 200m water resistant, and equipped with the ETA 2824-2. It should be noted that this is 150 Euros higher than the black-dialed version of the 556 but in the black dials, the choice of a no-date model comes only with Arabic numerals (556A) . The Anniversary model actually follows the design of the date model (556I).

Sinn 856 B-Uhr

I have the feeling that for most people, the 856 B-Uhr was the star from Sinn at Baselworld 2016. It was very hard to ignore the color scheme on this watch, especially when paired with the caramel-toned cuff strap. This year, Sinn decided to make a tribute to the first deck watches, but while most companies make this style of watch in massive sizes, Sinn treated us to a very wearable 40mm version. The B-Uhr will be produced in an edition of 856 pieces and will cost 1590 Euros on the cuff (a normal 856 costs 1430 Euros). This watch is stacked with capability like a Tegimented (scratch-proof) case, AR-dehumidifying technology, antimagnetic properties, and 200m of water resistance. The movement is the Sellita SW300-1.

Sinn U1 Camouflage

And from the Department of Wild Watches Department, Sinn at Baselworld 2016 showed us a new U1, or were we? Ok, a poor joke due to the new U1 having a camouflage dial – hey, it would look cool with our cameraman Bert’s pants! Seriously, though, this was a bit of a surprise from the brand. It’s essentially a normal U1 (made of German submarine steel) but with a crazy dial. Only 500 pieces will be made and it will cost 1950 Euros and come with a cool olive silicone strap and olive Zulu. As a note, this is 305 Euros more than a U1 with silicone strap.

Sinn U-212

The U-212 isn’t really a new release from Sinn at Baselworld 2016, but because it was released in later 2015, I hadn’t seen it in person (for an in-depth review, see Robert-Jan’s recent look). It actually follows up on the U-212 SE that was released last year at Baselworld with a black case. The U-212 is a big, 47mm diver made of German U-boat steel with a water resistance of 1000m. It fits in Sinn’s famed EZM series as #16. This is a seriously heavy watch in steel and contains the company’s AR technology and a Tegimented bezel. The price on bracelet is a competitive 2445 Euros.

Conclusions on Sinn at Baselworld 2016

Thanks for taking a look at the newest pieces from Sinn at Baselworld 2016. As one who lives in Sinn’s “hometown”, I like to see the brand do well and I think they’ve scored again. For me, the 910 rattrapante and the 856 B-Uhr were real hits. I guess my only wish from Sinn is that they had introduced some new serial production models, but they do have a very fresh lineup nonetheless and they do release new pieces throughout the year (the U-212 as an example). As always, we thank the Sinn team for their hospitality during this year’s event and look forward to more!

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