New Ultra-Discrete Commando Style for BR-03 92 and BR-03 94 Watches by Bell & Ross


The famous French the watchmaking industry brand using its independent manufacturing training courses in Europe, Bell & Ross, has released two new Phantom-styled BR-03 timekeepers in the Aviation series. Because it is recommended in the title from the series, in addition to in the Commando part of the watches, they’re watches which are meant for professional use, performed with special colors and finishes that provide them a particular camouflage appearance, and also the brand is representing them because the perfect instruments for that special aviation forces, because of their inconspicuousness and reliability. In the horological point of view, you should observe that the beginners within the series (in addition to their forerunners) have automatic actions. While BR-03 92 includes only three hands along with a date display, BR-03 94 features a chronograph feature.


Two novelties using the Commando designation aren’t entirely new models. Actually, the primary novelty is the appearance, or don’t let say their Commando style. The whole palette from the brand’s BR-03 timekeepers is dependent on BR-01 model. Unlike the archetype watch which has the width of 46 mm, BR-03 offers scaly-lower and much more practical versions using the diameter of 42 mm. Naturally, exactly the same dimension is featured within the new Commando watches. The primary distinction from the beginners is the very subtle and discrete styling, performed by using grey and black colors and matte finishes.


Both models are installed in square formed casings produced from stainless overflowing with matte black PVD finishing. This color is properly supported having a discrete grey dial with Roman numbers and hands inside a slightly more dark shade of gray. Exactly the same off traffic tone is featured on its rubber and high duty synthetic wristlet, finished with the big company’s logo design right underneath the dial; along with a pin buckle that is, similar to the housing, forged from stainless with matte black PVD finish. Despite the fact that the dial from the watch includes a darker and subdued dial, the visibility isn’t compromised, not really at nighttime, because the hands are created having a photo-luminescent coating.


The standard from the construction that’s contained in the items of Bell & Ross can also be visible through the option of the fabric that’s employed for the very which is made of azure which has glare-proof treatment. Within the identifiable manner of the trademark, the round dial is coupled with a square casing.


As it’s been pointed out, the primary among two beginners is the fact that BR-03 94, unlike BR-03 92 Commando model by Bell & Ross, includes a chronograph feature, and includes two subsidiary chrono counters (small seconds and 30-minute sub dial). Regrettably, the company doesn’t provide many particulars around the specifications of their self-winding actions.

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