Take A Look At The Laurent Ferrier Montre École Men’s Watch

Take A Look At The Laurent Ferrier Montre École Men's Watch

Since the inception of Laurent Ferrier, the manufacture has kept a pretty conservative approach to their design language. This was very much the case with the Galet Classic and Micro-Rotor, with its rounded, bevel free case, smooth thin lugs and onion shaped crown which became emblematic of the manufacture’s understated elegance. It took a whole five years, but eventually an entirely new case shape was introduced in the form of the Galet Square featuring a pebble shaped case. Despite this, many of the subtle design cues were maintained, mainly in the fluid form that its predecessors possessed, further reinforcing the vision and philosophy of Laurent Ferrier.

Take A Look At The Laurent Ferrier Montre École Men's Watch

This year, at SIHH, Laurent Ferrier men’s watch unveiled a brand new line, called the Montre École, which translates to ‘school watch’ and though new in design, it is no different from the rest, in keeping with the brand’s core philosophy.

The story of the Montre École pays tribute to watchmakers as artisans and protectors of traditional watchmaking, something that Laurent Ferrier, man and manufacture, is certainly representative of. In watchmaking school, every watchmaker has to make what is called, their ‘school piece’, which becomes the first whole watch they ever make. Surrounded in a very emotional context, it represents a sort of ritual of initiation for each watchmaker as they enter into the world of horology. Philippe Dufour himself talks of his montre école, and how putting the crown wheel and ratchet wheel together on the bridge and seeing them mesh together for the first time as just ‘magic’.

With the Laurent Ferrier Montre École, the design reflects this tribute, where the watch comes in a new rounded case representative of a converted pocket watch, reminiscent of what pioneering watchmakers used to do. The 40mm symmetrical bassiné case comes with thin straight lugs with traditional ‘pastille’ end pieces that is detached from the case shape, as supposed to the more characteristic smooth connected lugs we have become used to.

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