The amazing Classico Perpetual that brightens your eyes


The first sight of Classico Perpetual, you can only think of words like luxury, noble and elegance. Surely, it definitely has such power to brighten your eyes with its appealing shinning appearance. It’s difference only makes you believe that Perpetual is not a normal wrist watch, which you can spot on street, instead it seems like a king or a queen, incomparably noble, luxury and grace. No matte for the power or the honor, you just want and wear it once you caught sight of the Perpetual. In fact, the charming wrist watch is one of brands of the Classico series of Reef Tiger, which is good at making excellent watches and get famous for that.

Just as the name Perpetual tells, Reef Tiger would like it to be classic and perpetual, which can be known from many details. The whole design is really impressive. The first point you must notice is the decoration of diamond.
Lots of small and delicate diamond are perfectly inset the bezel, and the case is made from 361L fine gilded steel. And you can choose white or black dial, which are both grace and luxury. Ten diamond and twelve small gold bars are perfectly in the dial, shinning special luster, much less the exquisite hands like sharp swords. The surface of dial is not flat as usual but of grid-star lines. It’s extremely different and elegant. As for the date display, it has set in the 3 o’clock position, really coordinated. And from long ago, the date display of a wrist watch is a symbol of noble and power.


Besides, in the elegant dial there marks a clear and obvious logo of “Reef Tiger” and “R”, reflecting our honor and confidence in the brand Reed Tiger. Moreover, Classico Perpetual is especially designed for men, so the diameter of the wrist watch is 40 millimeters. In order to have the most comfortable wearing feeling, the watch bracelet is also made from 316L fine gilded steel as well as the clasp. Certainly, excellent quality of Reef Tiger should be included in every detail, let alone the small and useful crown. It has been made very delicate as a work of art. As for the always shinning case, Reef Tiger adopts natural sapphire crystal case, which is scratch-resistant and anti-reflected.


It’s well-known that a good wrist watch must be equipped with a good movement, because movement is the essential of a watch. Therefore, following the design idea of originality and excellent quality, Reef Tiger uses 2813 self-winding automatic movement, which has been through severe tests and admired by many watch manufacturers. Perpetual that leaves not only the beautiful appearance, but also the lasting high quality, will be the represent of the Classico series of Reef Tiger.

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